Bad Ice Cream 2


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Platform games were always very popular among gamers on every type of console. The PC was no exception, as flash technology enabled them to implement projects not requiring installation, allowing you to launch games straight from your browser. Bad Ice Cream 2 is a classic example of such entertainment, creating a whirlwind of fun on a waffle cone adventure through an icy maze. The main character encounters two types of objects: fruit, that is to be collected to earn points and advance to the next level, and enemies, which you must do everything possible to avoid. Your first impression may be of a generic arcade game, nostalgic of the famed Pacman, with a few stylistic tweaks to make it stand out from the crowd. But this is not the case. One major feature makes this game stand out of the pack.

Key game features

Of course, we could return to the fact that the game has several main characters to choose from, including vanilla, strawberry, sherbet, and other flavors of our favorite cold treat, or talk about the fact that you can enjoy the game not just alone, but with a friend, but more than all that, Bad Ice Cream 2 supports a complete multiplayer option, allowing your child to play with his friends. However, each of these features can be found on other platforms. In Bad Ice Cream 2, the main character is not moving around in an ordinary static maze, as any level can be recreated and fixed to taste. By simply pushing spacebar, you can erect a new ice wall, or destroy an existing one, not to mention that you can create an ice prison for your enemies, then collect the remaining fruit at your leisure.

bad ice cream 2

Age group

Bad ice cream conquers all ages.


There is no time limit within the game, so we advise you study the different types of enemies, that will be hindering you on any given level before starting. Some just monitor key locations, while others do everything they can to get at you, and a third kind, just like you, is able to erect and destroy walls. Bad Ice Cream requires some good reflexes and strategic know how, as sometimes a well-placed wall can save you a lot of trouble and allow you to glide into the next level with ease.

Not all fruit is immediately visible, as many are encased in ice. Such cubes periodically have an exclamation point above them. The actions needed to succeed are simple, just approach, break, and take.


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