Bad Ice Cream 4


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     Move Lockehorn/Ice
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     Move Blue Elk/Ice


There just so many online games. Some start up from scratch, while others continue where their popular predecessors left off. Today’s guest is the fourth part of a game about the adventures of an ordinary waffle cone through a series of very unfriendly mazes. Presenting Bad Ice Cream 4, the game where you will have to free your friends from icy imprisonment, avoid enemies and traps, while piling up bonus points. The goal of each level is to destroy all enemies and free your friends. In that order. With the destruction of your final foe, a chunk of ice will be uncovered and your friend freed.

Key features

The key feature of the series showcased in Bad Ice Cream Four is complete interaction between levels. Your partner, frozen into an ice block, is not only your objective, but ammunition, that can be fired in any given direction. If you can just calculate the moment when an enemy will end up in the right place, between it and the wall, and you can squish him into a pancake in a second. Other design elements are destroyed in the same way, and contain bonus points, as well as other bonuses. The laws of physics are fairly well upheld, as the ricochet angles for your frozen partner are pretty well calculated. This allows you to build on your progress level after level. By the way, each level itself presents a plausible threat, ice and fire traps both quickly return you to the beginning.

bad ice cream 4

The two-player option hasn’t gone anywhere, so kid or adult, invite them to come along for the ride. Passing each level will be easier and more fun with a partner. Steering remains the same, one player uses the arrows and spacebar, while the other uses WASD and Q.

Age group

Bad ice cream conquers all ages.


First off, you need to decide, what bad ice cream should be up to. You can focus on break up pots, or other design elements, which contain extra bonus points, or you can immediately move to destroying enemies, and reaching the next level as fast as possible. Trying to combine these two approaches is somewhat like chasing two rabbits at once, with an obvious outcome ahead.

Don’t forget, that the key to the game lies in your thinking, not in your reflexes. Sometimes, it’s worth observing the enemies of your waffle cone hero, so as to choose the best strategy for neutralizing them. And remember, your friend, frozen into that ice cube, will smash anyone into a wall, no matter who. It could be an enemy, or it could be you getting tossed out of the frying pan and into the ice of a bad ricochet.


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