Bad Ice Cream 5


  • Hold to aim
    Click on fire to throw


Once upon a time in Antarctica the penguins were very friendly and lived in perfect harmony. They played games, caught fish for dinner, and skated happily across the glossy white ice. They also loved ice cream and played their favorite game Bade Ice Cream 5, which has a two-player option. But times changed, and the penguins split into two camps, that fight amongst themselves to take over Antarctica. Now they are enemies. Now they are at war, two sides fighting for control of the territory. We invite you to dive head first into this exciting game!


Your objective is to play for one of the two groups, shooting snowballs. Aim well, you need to hit a penguin! We created a special scope for this. You can choose different weapons as well, for instance, a powerful grenade or rocket. This game is much more enjoyable with a friend, so choose the appropriate setting, and start playing for different teams. We guarantee a load of fun and lots of laughs. Splashing water, and Antarctic bird and animal calls will make the game even more atmospheric.

bad ice cream 5

Age group

Bad ice cream conquers all ages.


This game is played using the mouse. On the upper left, is a window for the player to choose the power, and direction of a strike. Make sure you’ve got everything right, and click Fire. If you didn’t hit a penguin the first time, don’t worry about it! Try again, taking into account the previous attempt. Above each penguin is a red life bar, for you to monitor the strength left in each one. In the lower left corner, you’ll find the game Menu, which gives you a number of options, for instance, loading the game onto your PC. Don’t forget that you can change the size of the game window. Adjust it to full screen for a more realistic experience.

Don’t waste any time, get in on this exciting game with your friends! The time will fly by and it will be a chance to test your reflexes as well! Best of luck!


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