Bad Ice Cream 6


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Long Awaited Continuation

Not many games are able to successfully develop and improve from series to series. Bad Ice Cream 6 is proud to be one of those few, as each new release provides an even more exciting way to relax, and some cute graphics to boot! It’s a throwback to the NES era, with both graphics and style reminiscent of our childhood. There are two main characters that you have to take to the end of the level, while collecting all the coins. There is a series of difficulties that arise, some that can be tackled alone, and others that require two players. In Bad Ice Cream 6 there is no time limit, and can take your time solving whatever problems you encounter.

Key features

The first key feature is passing levels as a team. In a number of cases, the option of playing together is added to the browser game, just so you have the option to. But not with this epic continuation of the waffle cone adventures. Bad Ice Cream Six requires the participation of two players, which means you can play with your child. One stands on the button and the other goes to the platform, and vise versa. If you can’t reach something, let one player literally stand on the other’s head. You can’t make it across a chasm? Try yourself out as a cannon ball. Each level is full of a wide variety of objects, if you can’t break them, use them to their full potential! The game makes you think, while giving you a range of positive emotions, like knowing you were able to solve the riddle created by the game makers and lead your heroes to the finish.

bad ice cream 6

Age group

Bad ice cream can conquer all ages.


It is important to remember one thing: Bad Ice Cream 6 is a team game. The interactive level, and tricky riddles were conceived for one goal only. So that you would come up with the ideal response, creating a corporate solution that involves both players. Of course, there is a little competition when looking for coins, but it is set up pretty fairly, and getting rich off of your partner definitely won’t work.

By the way, I already said that the game was created for two players. I challenge you to control two players at once and achieve a respectable time. This is a serious challenge, that not every grown up could handle. Try it out, you won’t regret it.


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